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Invested $60.00 and Turned it into $35,000.00 a Month in less than a year!

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Written by Dave B

Hello and Welcome to – We currently Sale on E-bay, Amazon and our very own websites.  We started strictly doing Retail Arbitrage.  “Retail arbitrage” is buying something at retail and then reselling it (usually on eBay or Amazon) for an even higher price.  We took a small portion of our Misc Bi-Weekly Spending ($60.00) out the budget that we would have normally used for the Movies, Drinks, or whatever – and took a trip to the local Good Will and Weekend Neighborhood yard sales.  My wife gazed through the women’s clothing and I checked out the electronics.  This was our start to Selling Online (Before the scanning apps that quickly help break down items current selling cost, ranking etc) – the apps existed at this time of course (Because this was Feb 2015), we just didn’t know about then.


I remember grabbing an old VCR and checking amazon through my phones web browser to see what this item sold for.  I wish I remember the model of that old clunker, it was selling around $80 bucks on Amazon and $39.00 on E-bay…WTF!  “Who the hell still buys VCR’s?”, that was my first thought.  I knew nothing of BSR, ratings, nothing!  I just seen what the darn thing was selling for, gave the lady at the yard sale a buck and continued digging through her pile of junk.

I also remember on the trip to Good Will that same day, I found an old ugly purse, brand new with tags that day.  I think I paid $12.00 for it.  My wife was upset “Its so freaking ugly, nobody is going to buy that” – she said.  But I grabbed it anyway.  It was new!  And there is something for everyone – just because we don’t like it, someone else might 🙂


After we got home that day,  we started researching Amazon and Ebay, very extensive research.  I think we were online for over 6 hours just reading through amazons selling policy, E-bays and online selling success stories, and How-Too YouTube videos.  I realized in order to sale the clothes, and purse on Amazon it had to be Brand New.  So the clothes that were not new went to the Ebay listing pile, the ones that are new – lets figure out how to get these listed.

I reached out to amazon who informed me of the business account (Which is $30 bucks or so monthly) – I signed us up.  Next I was given this very complicated excel sheet to fill out along with how everything is suppose to be filled in and presented.  Photos need to be very large, white background (Professional quality) is what they wanted.  Luckily we invested into photo equipment and umbrellas way before we started this and the wife is an expert at Photoshop.  So we got it covered.  NOTE – If you don’t have equipment or Photoshop skills, you can easily hire someone off a site like and have them do it for 10 to 15 bucks.  Also remember this is only in the case the item you are listing is not already on Amazon, if its there, way less work for you!


At any rate, to make a very long story short, after about 3 days of going back and forth with Amazon, I was approved and un-gated for Apparel.  Which according to most people who blog about Selling on Amazon or getting un-gated, this is the hardest category to get approval in.  Learn more about getting un-gated HERE.  I’ve heard of people taking years to attempt to get un-gated and still no luck.  To be honest, the back and forth over 3 days with amazon was driving me nuts, but it was not really that complicated of a process.  I will speak on how to get un-gated in Apparel later on (so stay tuned).

After getting un-gated, we got our items listed on Amazon and E-bay, sat back and waited for the magic to happen.  Logging in to check Amazon sales daily and getting that wonderful “Cha-Ching” sound on ebay after something was purchased.  The first sale was the Clunker VCR on Amazon, the “Ugly purse” actually took about 4 months (this is when I really learned about BSR (Best Seller Ranking) and Scanning tools to help assist in sales (Which I will get into later).  All in All, it took a little more than two weeks to doubled the $60.00 we spent and we didn’t even sale 1/4 of the things we bought yet, and we are now ready to head back out and repeat the process all over again (Yard Sales and Good Will hunting).  But the best part, we now have double the cash from before!

Here I’m going to share our journey, how we went from Retail Arb, along with Private labeling and now added wholesale.  The best part is we will show you how we did it!  If you want to learn the process, you’re in the right place my friend!  We started with $60.00 – and 9 months later we are at $35,000.00 in sales a month and still growing!!

So put your phones on silent, grab your pop-corn, sit back, relax and enjoy the show!



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