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Retro Vintage 1982 Nintendo Donkey Kong Jr Hand Held Video Game DJ-101

Written by Dave B

For my first post in ‘Small Treasures’, I’ll take you to a Country yard sale we went to over the summer that we struck big on.  Here in Northern California, we have heavily populated areas, and we have areas that have properties with acres of farm land, horses, cows etc.  We live in between these two, more near modern civilization.

This was a middle of no where, cow poop air, bet you don’t get cable TV Yard Sale.  In the beginning I would avoid the signs leading me down some dirt road to the middle of no where that usually has some old couple on the porch in rocking chairs with straw hats, whose facial expressions seems angered when me (A Black guy and my wife – who some thinks is white from a distant – she’s Puerto Rican) get out the car and pretend we didn’t notice the look and smile at em.  Seems like the normal routine until we get to talking to them and shortly after they now act like they knew us forever and won’t stop talking.   I have no idea how a simple question like “How much are those Glass Containers” Leads to me hearing about a love one in the hospital or kids occupations or grades in school.  (I guess we are people persons from what I’ve been told, kind of funny, because I really don’t like people ha).

Back to the story –  I picked up this Retro Vintage 1982 Nintendo Donkey Kong Jr Hand Held Video Game.  (Model DJ-101).  You can drop these in E-Bay and see they are selling for $30.00 to $40.00.  I didn’t know this at the time, I kind of wanted it for myself Nostalgic reasons.   But the Item I had, came with the Case, Manual, and looked like it was never touched (Hells Yeah)!   I ask the older couple “How Much”.  The guy tells me to “Give him a buck”!  YES SIR!!! – Screw Nostalgic – I can hear that “Cha-Ching!”.   Next to the Donkey Kong Game they had an I-Pod 3rd Generation on the table.  I know these sell for $99 bucks because I just sold one not to long ago.  I ask again “How Much?”  He said “it didn’t work, it was locked, you can have it”.

I didn’t know what he meant by locked, I heard of I-Phones being locked etc, not sure why an I-Pod would be locked. Once I got it home and conducted my inspection, I realized he meant the Lock button on the side of the I-Pod which simply prevents you from changing station while listening to it if you were working out etc was pushed in.  OMG!  We hit it big here!  I feel bad, I kind of want to go back to say “Hey, nothing is wrong with it, this is all that needed to be done (Flip the button done), how much would you like for it now?”.  But its late, I don’t remember where the hell that house was (When we go to Yard Sales, we normally hit around 10 to 20 places if not more), so Ill just have to take the Win.

We sold the Retro Donkey Kong for $69.00 and the I-Pod for $99.00.  For some damn reason (Call it Karma, the I-Pod stopped working properly before we mailed it out (We test everything that’s not new when we get it and before it goes out – good technique to start incorporating into your routine now).  So I had to refund the buyer and relist on E-Bay as broke I-Pod that won’t hold a charge.  It still sold for $35.00 bucks 🙂 Our Cost for these two item =$1.00, Total in Sales from both = $104.00 – Not a Bad Profit here my friends!


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