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The Key to Selling on Ebay

Written by Dave B


Hello and welcome back to!  I’m going to give you a few key factors to incorporate into your everyday E-Bay listing to increase sales.

How do you get more of that “Cha-Ching!” Sound?  Start doing the following!

  • Try to take professional photos, and take plenty of them.
  • Write a very detailed description.
  • Use Lots of great Keywords.
  • Offer Free Shipping

Sounds simple right?  It is, but several of you fail to do it, let me break it down further on each Bullet Point!


Try to take professional photos, and take plenty of them.

You heard it over and over again, so why not hear it from me!   The photos you take for your item says a lot to the buyer.  You don’t need a fancy $5,000.00 DSLR Camera, just good lighting and back ground for your pictures.  You can use an all white or black background (Depending on your item) with some excellent lighting (Natural lighting from the sun will be the best option if you don’t have umbrella lighting).

  • Side Note – Be sure to search Google for the image of the item you are trying to sell.  Take your items model number, color, etc. –  whatever, place it into Google and see if its already a professional photo out there.  I usually grab the stock images off the companies website, save them and load em and call it a day!  Saves so much time and you now have the best image possible for your products.  Several people might disagree, I really don’t care, it works!  

Here is a great example of a product I sold in less than a week vs. a very bad example some random person on E-Bay currently has had listed for 18 days now with no watches or sales.

Great Example (A Product I recently sold):

New Longline Trapeze Top, Teal, Zenana Outfitters. Size Medium. Super Cute!



Bad Example (Some Random E-Bayer)

s-l1600 (4)

I think you get the point here.  Which Shirt would you want?  The professional looking one or  that shit on the floor?  Guess what?  My shirt sold for almost 3 times the amount floor shirt is currently listed for.  Better photos can lead to the buyer spending a few bucks more, even if the product is identical to what your competitors are selling on E-Bay (Better photos always win).  FYI -Later I will share a tutorial on how to build a light box to take professional quality photos (For smaller items – shoes, watches, software, etc.) that you would normally pay a professional for.  You can get everything you need to DIY (do it yourself) from the dollar tree for less than $5 Bucks and make a professional photo box to take amazing photos!

Another very important thing to remember is to take several photos of your item to upload to E-Bay.  My great example above is actually a bad example for this step since there are only 4 photos.  E-Bay allows the following:

– up to 24 photos in the Motors category

– up to 12 photos in normal listings

– up to 12 photos per variation in a fixed-price multi-variation listing (lots of photos if lots of variations).

So make sure you max it out! The buyer wants to see every angle possible.  If you took 6 photos and you covered everything, just snap another 6 – it won’t kill you.  It will actually help increase your sales.  The more they see, the more that ‘Buy It Now’ or ‘Add to Cart’ button is clicked.


Write a very detailed description.

Even though I have a blog, I don’t like to write/type anything!  (Coming from the guy who just wrote a book/tutorial on how to make money blogging).  I don’t know what it is, but I hate it – after I get started, it kind of flows into its own thing, I re-read what I typed and constantly think “how the hell did I get on that subject”.  I guess I have writers A.D.D. if that’s such a thing.

Make sure you give a very detailed description of your item.  The buyer is not there to hold the item (This is where your photos come in), something could be cosmetically wrong with it, the item might contain a defect, or could be in pristine condition – The Buyer needs to know this.  Your description will create a visual beyond the photos for the buyer.  What you write is how the buyer see it, make it what they envisioned.  Capture everything you can.  If the item is Brand new in the box or never open, the Google Copy Paste method I explained about the photos above can be used for the description as well.  If its brand new as if the buyer walked in the store to purchase it, go to the company’s website and take the description there.

I’ll keep the same format as above (Great Example / Bad Example).  This is an Item I just sold today vs a similar someone on E-Bay that still has not sold.

Great Example


Despicable Me Minion The Game of Life Game

Product Description

Play the game of life with despicable me minions! just choose your minion, choose a job, and let the adventure begin. You’Ll sing at grub’s wedding, steal the moon, and other wacky escapades – but watch out for the evil minions as you try to bag 5 bunches of bananas! the mini-spinner might send you in an unexpected direction, but you can always get sneaky and slide through a tube to a new space. Will you beat the others to it. Or will they steal your loot? you’ll find out when you play the despicable me version of the game of life! the game of life and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro. Despicable Me 2 is a trademark and copyright of universal studios. Licensed by universal studios licensing LLC. All rights reserved.

Play the game of life minion-style in this despicable me version of the classic game

Your minion can be a DJ or a hula dancer

Players move minions around the board having adventures and picking up action cards

The player who bags 5 bunches of bananas first wins

1 spinner, 5 mini-spinners, 4 minion movers, 50 action cards, 10 career cards, 4 spin to win tokens, 18 bunches of bananas, 50 banana bucks, and guide.

  • Always start off with any issues your product may have first.  This is going to save you lots of time and hassle if the buyer didn’t take the time to read the description and now decides they want to return it or ask for a discount after you shipped it.  This will also help prevent you from getting a negative feed back.


  • Despicable Me Game

          Smoke Free Home, What you see is what you get!


What the F**k is this?   Seriously?  I guess if this was the last game available on E-Bay I would consider possibly purchasing it from them.  This is what not to do folks!  If you don’t take time to invest in your products to make it appealing, why the hell would someone invest into you?



Use Lots of great Keywords.

The fact is, the only way to buy on eBay is by searching for the item you want.  Buyers will use various keywords to find what they are searching for.  Example, If I wanted to buy a modded Gaming PC with Tons of RAM – I might search for “Bad Ass Gaming PC” or “Lighting Fast Laptop”.  This is a great example of how to extend your keywords so your item will display to the Buyer while searching.   The trick is finding the keywords related to what you are selling.   You can use Google Keywords to provide a huge breakdown of keywords to use for your item.  E-Bay does have a built in search tool for Keywords.  Just type anything into the search bar and several keyword options pop up you could use!  The more keywords for your item, the more views, and the more views, the more sales!


Offer Free Shipping

Now here is where I kind of contradict myself.  I only offer Free Shipping on about 20% of our products.  Why?  Because everything is freaking expensive in California – Shipping to the East Coast or Down South hurts the wallet.  For Light Weight products I offer fee shipping as long as we are making a decent profit.  If free shipping puts us in the negative, I simply add the difference of a flat rate postal box or envelop into the products starting bid or asking cost and sale it this way with free shipping (Its not free, its now covered – but buyers are still attracted to the ‘Free Shipping’ incentive).  Offering Free Shipping (even if you have to guesstimate the cost of shipping into your products listing cost) will help the item sale faster.  When I’m shopping Online, anything that offers Free Shipping usually 9 out of 10 gets my click if that’s what I was looking to purchase.

The reason why I only allow Free Shipping for 20% of my items, the other 80% are Medium/Large, Large or Extra Large items.  Trying to guesstimate free shipping with the actual shipping charges in the Cost of item would be impossible.  Because the further it goes (Delivery) the more it cost.  If I based the actual cost of the listed item with the furthest shipping (adding the price as if I were shipping to NY VS NV), sales would decrease big time (My item would be overly priced allowing competitor advantage.  So ‘Calculate Shipping’ is my best option with heavy items.


So there you have it, incorporate these four key things in your E-Bay listing and watch your sales increase.  Of Course there are more things to consider, I just wanted to cover the major factors I see that makes a huge difference.

Please share any ideas, thoughts or action you incorporate to increase sales!

Thanks for stopping by, be sure to stay tuned in!!


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