A Bag of Air from a Kanye West Concert Reached $60K on E-Bay – WTF!

Written by Dave B

There has been plenty of times since we started last Feb 2015, that I listed an item and thought to myself “Nobody is going to buy this shit”.  Next thing you know “Cha-Ching”.  Never doubt what you can sell on E-Bay, just because you think its junk, it might be that missing puzzle piece to someones life, could be nostalgic, could be whatever!  Before you throw it away, list it an see what happens.  I remember pulling an old remote control car, that sold for over $100.00 in working condition on E-Bay out the garbage (my brother threw it away when he tested it and seen it was not working).  I decided to just list it for parts.  2 Days later someone made an offer for $28.00 and bought it.  2 days before that it was garbage, now the garbage got me $28.00 back.  So never say never and just see what happens.


Normally on E-Bay (under Kanye West Search) you see Kanye West Gear on sale with thousand-dollar price tags.  You can get a pair of Air Yeezy (his Shoe Line) for $4,995.95 HERE.  Now you can buy bags of Air from a Kanye West Concert on E-Bay, WTF People!

The first listing went up last Friday when an E-Bay seller listed a Zipper-seal bag with “Air From Kanye Show” written across it.  This damn thing got 90 bidders who up the bid to $60,000.00 before E-Bay removed it.

kanye air

This now got a flood of copycats involved, with the same thing listed for less days in hopes of scoring big and getting paid.  But beware!  Before you join the bandwagon, E-Bay is cracking down hard – even suspending accounts!

Others are listing “Ziploc bag of air from Garth Brooks Concerts”  and “Kanye West Concert Air-Infused Bay Leaves” starting at $4,999.00 opening bid.

This proves you can just about sale anything you have on E-Bay.  What’s the craziest thing you sold that you didn’t expect would sale?




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