How to Get Negative Feedback Removed From E-Bay

Written by Dave B

I have several ‘How Too’ help files pertaining to removing negative Amazon Feedback that I will be bringing to the table soon, its so easy a Cave man could do it – but first lets focus on a more recent issue I just handled today ‘NEGATIVE UNNECESSARY STUPID BUYER E-BAY FEEDBACK’!

Its a buyers world on E-Bay today, no longer is it fair game for Sellers.  I remember in the past, the seller use to have the option to give the buyer a negative feedback, but they took that away a long time ago!  This is something E-Bay should really re-digest and consider – please bring back this option to help great sellers.  I really wish E-Bay would stop trying so hard to be like Amazon and focus on being the great system it once was!  You don’t need to follow the Amazon feedback route, you don’t need to create an FBA Center (The Damn Customer is NOT ALWAYS RIGHT!) I don’t go to freaking McDonald’s expecting a Whopper!  Stay consistent E-Bay, this is why you are loosing USA Sellers.  Have you noticed the majority of items you search for in E-Bay pops up in China?


Here’s my story!

I had a customer purchase a device from us, Brand New in the Box, never opened or used (Automotive Department).  The item cost a few hundred bucks.  My Description Clearly says “NO RETURNS”.  Well this ding bat purchased the item hoping it would fit (glad he is not my mechanic).  Obviously he didn’t know what he was doing!  A week after purchasing the item he sent an e-mail stating he bought this device hoping it would work on the customers vehicle, tried it on the vehicle, but it didn’t fit.  He now wants a return because of his bad judgement and he has no need for it.

WTF part of NO REFUND Didn’t you understand????  Not only is it in my terms, but now you opened it, removed it from its wrapping and got auto grease all over the damn thing and you want to return it??  So I am suppose to take a hit, (Maybe I could sell it for the cost I purchased it for in this current condition).  Not to mention taking the loss of paying for shipping back to me and to whoever would want to purchase it now used.  WHISKEY TANGO ALPHA!!!  He must think I’m the Amazon return Center!  (This is a whole new topic I will get into later)


I nicely explain to the customer the terms we had written and added to the listing he won, I also explained to him how this would greatly hurt business and this request would not be possible.  I even suggested to do the damn research for him so the next person he rushes to buy from wouldn’t have to go through this hassle.  I got no response… Crickets chirping…..and all of a sudden…..BAM!  We got a nice Negative Feedback.  We had a perfect Positive feedback streak before this dip shit and now Welcome to the Negative side! Thanks Mr. Dumb Ass who fixes cars in California but does not take the time to read or research the part hes buying for his customer.  No wonder there is a lane always backed up with a broke down car or truck during my morning and evening commute on the highway. – They probably just left his damn shop!


This is why E-Bay needs to protect Sellers and re-activate the option for leaving negative feedback.  This asshole left me a negative, I’m doing everything I said I would do, going above and beyond and my only option is to give him a freaking positive feedback?? You got to be shitting me!

I clicked his profile, and click the option ‘Feedback left for others ‘, he has about 8 feedback’s in a row he gave to sellers, (All Negative, than 2 positives, and 3 more negatives’)  WTF E-Bay?  Why didn’t this send some sort of flag up?  To top it off – his responses were so basic and generic!  This is what he left in the descriptions for myself and others after clicking the negative button!

“Not a good fit”

“Wrong model”

“Not Good”

“Not Good”



“Not Good Fit”

This is a sad day for honest, good sellers when you have to deal with idiot customers like this.

So now that my ranting is over, please see the video and instructions below on how to submit a feedback revision to have the buyer remove it. He is my dialog to the Buyer – remember there is a character limitation for feedback revision’s, so be brief but to the point.

“This Item was brand new, you opened it and expected a refund. My Terms clearly say “no refund”. Please remove this or I will contact E-Bay to have them investigate. My terms are clear and follow E-Bay policy. After reviewing feedback you left for others, it seems to be a trend of you leaving negative feedback which could prompt your account to be banned. This needs to be brought to E-Bays attention.”

How Feedback revision requests work

You can only send a certain amount of Feedback revisions per year.  The number is based on how many feedback’s / ratings you received as both a buyer and seller.  (Positive + Neutral + Negative)

You are allowed to make 5 request for revision per calendar year, no only exception is the following scenario.  If you received more than 1000 feedback’s within 12 months, you can make additional request.  You are allowed an additional 5 revisions per 1000 ratings received.  (Yeah I know that is a big jump, but extra is better than none at all right?)

You can request a Feedback revision after you solved the problem with the buyer ex.(Partial or full refund, talk/work it out through the E-Bay contact area) – or if you think the buyer accidentally left you wrong feedback.  (I don’t agree with this, they need to add “Or if the buyer is a dumb-ass, negative hungry, button pushing, dip-shit!”).

You are only allowed one revision per transaction, so make it good!  The buyer has the power to click the ‘NO’ button and now you are stuck with it forever!

You only have 30 days to submit revision, anything after 30 days you are stuck with it!

The number of Feedback revision requests that you’re eligible for doesn’t accumulate from year to year.

So that’s it in a Nutshell!

I truly hope this helps you out.  Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

P.S (No that’s not me in the damn video!)


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