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My Wife is a Funko Pop – A-Holic…But, They make Money!

Written by Dave B


Hello people!  Happy Saturday!

Sorry for the delay, I have been extremely busy with Sales, Shipments, Re-Stock and working on the other many blogs I have – and I have not really had the time to provide any awesome updates for you.  If you love cooking, check out my other blog DAM Good Cooking, for one of a kind T-Shirts check out So Sick With It and… Well, we will just stick to this blog for now 🙂

Today’s topic is a bit different, it has to do with this new fascination / addiction my wife developed over the past few months.  Collecting Funko Pops.  I was buying some Microsoft points for this game I play at night for 20 minutes before hitting the bed called ‘Battle Island’ on the X-Box One.  She noticed a section near the checkout counter that had a large display of what she thought were bobble heads at first – that resembled several of our favorite TV / Movie characters.  She reached into the display case and grabbed a few Funko Pops which catered to this TV show she loves called ‘Doctor Who’.  We both thought they were pretty cool and purchased them along with my Microsoft points.  Up until that day, my wife never liked going to game stop until we picked these little guys up (Hopefully Home Depot will start carrying these).  A few days later I say “Hey sweetie, I need to run back to game stop, I’ll be right back”.  Before I get to the door to head out she was right behind me.  “I’m going too” she said.  When we arrived, she made a beeline right to the display of Funko Pops.  I don’t remember which ones she picked up, but I knew we had a problem on our hands now.  As we were leaving and pulling out the parking space she asked “Hey do you mind going to the other Game Stop on the other side of town so I can check out their display?”.  Houston we have a problem!


She started doing research and found out many stores carry them, some models are exclusive to just those stores.  ex.(Hot Topic, Target, True and many others).  The Funko collection started building, growing stronger daily – every time she went out she came back with a Damn Funko Pop.  Even when the mail lady stopped by to make her daily deliveries, they contained Funko Pops (It didn’t click at first but now she ordering these things online).  I think its time to have an intervention!  I sat her down in the family room, I talked, and she heard everything I said, but she of course didn’t listen – the orders continued to pour in following our conversation (Actually they increased).  I had to replay my conversation in my head of me telling her to please reduce the amount of Funko purchasing because we will need a bigger house, and try to figure our how she heard “Buy even more if you like”.  She even joined some online communities that cater to this stuff , and a few others.  I  was really starting to get concerned at this point.  Is she having some sort of early mid life crisis?  Can people in their 30’s have those?  Did she snap from all the hard work we been doing lately growing the businesses?  I mean we did start with $60.00 to now doing over $35,000.00 in sales a month in less than a year.  Its only 3 of us doing all the work, well really just my wife and brother because I cater to a lot of other things.  Maybe she lost it?  All screws are now officially lose!

I started doing research on my own related to Funkos and after a few hours of looking into this addiction my favorite sound popped in my head – CHA-CHING!  Holy shit!  Wifey’s not Coo Coo – You can make a fortune off these things.  Some of these toys are exclusive and hard to find.  Very limited edition!  They (the manufacturer) developed a unique, smart strategy of picking a character, limiting the amount that are made, placing them in a particular store which will sale them from $7.00 to $20.00 (depending on the character), sit back and watch the consumers go crazy. Everyday is Black Friday for the Funko Pop community, what a hell of a marketing plan.  Some of these things sale for over $1,800.00!! WTF!  Talk about a huge profit margin!  Check it out HERE.  This could be a jackpot for the Seller community!  This reminds me of the beanie baby era, people went nuts over these things – but they also made a fortune!


Please when you get some time, look into it.  This could boost your sales a bit, or your collection.  She noticed a Funko lot for sale on E-Bay that contained 2 characters that my brother wanted (Yes she got him addicted too!) and also came with 3 other characters either of them could care less about.  It was going for $50.00.  So for $50.00 they could get the two they wanted and resale the other 3.  1 out of the 3 that they didn’t want sales for $50.00 by itself (which was a mystery on why the bid was so low).  So that would pay for the two they were collecting and it would be completely Free.  The remaining 2 would turn this collection into a profit.  So there is money in this Funko system, you just have to do some research in the process.

If this is anything like Beanie Baby era, you better jump on board while it last!  Not that it will die out, because Beanie Babies are still kicking up a few waves.  Check out this on that just sold for $3,740.72 .

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!


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Thanks for stopping by and visiting! No intervention needed, this is a good and healthy addiction. Come along for the ride and hopefully you can learn from us!


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