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Nintendo 64, 26 games, 3 Controllers and More!

Written by Dave B

Hello, and welcome back to SellerAddiction.com – I got to share with you this great find I got a few weeks ago.  Besides purchasing Whole Sale, Yard Sales and Thrift stores – We follow local Buy/Sale/Trade pages on Facebook. I happened to log into Facebook to update another Blog of ours DAMGoodCooking.com and on the main page I seen a message pop up as follows Jungle Green Nintendo 64, 3 Controllers, 26 Games, 3 memory cards , 2 Tremor Packs and an extra AV Cable for $120.00 s-l1600 WTF!  And to top it off, here is a list of the games! (A few are listed twice – because there was a few duplicates with this bundle). Donkey Kong 64 WF No Mercy WF No Mercy Smash Bros Rampage 2 Rocket Mario Party 3 007 NFL Club 98 NASCAR 99

Army Men Air Combat

Mortal Kombat Mythologies Sub Zero


Nagno Winter Olympics 98

South Park

Star Wars Shadow of the Empire

Forsaken 64

NFL Quarterback Club 98

A Bugs Life

WCW Mayhem

Hybird Heaven

Army Men Sarge’s Heroes 2

Madden 2000

Cruis’n USA

Toy Story 2

Bomberman Hero

This is a Win Win, I know I can get my $120 back with just 3 of the games listed, everything else would be pure profit!

 s-l1600 (1)

I sent him a message right away telling him I would take it.  I drove 15 Minutes to pick it up, paid the guy and brought it home.  I plugged everything in, fingers crossed and praying it worked as he said.  IT WORKED – HELLZ YEAH!

Of Course My Wife, Brother and myself got several hours of playing time (remembering the good ole days), before I got this baby listed on E-Bay.  It was really hard to not just keep it and add it to my current gaming collection – but this would be a great flip I couldn’t pass on.  (Anything I can make over 50% profit I always list, even if I want to keep it – this would actually get me over 100% profit – so its a no brainier. )

Here’s how the sales turned out so far.

I listed the Nintendo 64 with the 3 Controllers, extra AV cable, 3 Memory cards, 2 Tremor Packs and 17 Games on E-Bay with a starting Bid of $120.00 (10 day listing).  It sold for $132.00 (Buyer pays shipping)

I listed and sold the following games separately (Buy it now listing – Buyer pays shipping)

Mario Party 3 – $47.50

Smash Bros – $40.00

WF No Mercy – $16.99

WF No Mercy – $10.00  (condition was not so great)

Rampage 2 – $12.00

007 – $21.99


The following Games are still listed and waiting to sell

Donkey Kong 64


NFL Club 98


So here’s the profit break down

$280.48 in total sells.

-$120.00 original cost

= $160.48 Profit!

Not bad considering I still have 3 games listed and expect at least another $30 to $40 bucks!

Stay tuned for more, and please Share your big finds with us!



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