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Taking it Back to the Roots

Written by Dave B

It’s been awhile sine I posted to SellerAddicition.com, its been extremely busy on this end with changes in our business.  We are currently in the process of purchasing a large warehouse to house the majority of our inventory.  I’ll be sure to show you our current status of what we have in the house at the moment in a post by next week.  But its time to take our house back (no more tripping over inventory) and get this stuff in a nice spacious warehouse.  We plan on opening up shop to the public since we have had so much success with our past yard sales.  Check out our Previous post on yard sales HERE. We actually had a sale last week and will continue with one more this weekend.  This is really a great method for off loading inventory that is not moving or to get rid of huge items to prevent you from spending to much on shipping or handling.

At any rate, when we started last weeks yard sale, I helped my wife and brother get everything out and on the tables for display for customers.  We didn’t even manage to get 10% of the things out the boxes on display before people started pouring in like hungry Vultures. The Yard Sale Signs are not even up yet, and traffic is starting to flow in.  I helped them with about 75% of the things  (getting them out on display) and decided to head out to get the signs up to drive more traffic.  On my way out I noticed a neighbor across the park having a sale.  I figured once I get the signs up I’ll swing by and take a look to see what they got.  Check out the competition 🙂

When I got out the car I immediate noticed several printers in the box behind a long table filled with X-Box 360 game.  The first few boxes of printers were open and we always had bad experiences with open box or no boxed printers.  Either they don’t work, or just not worth it.  Seems like something is always wrong.  The very last box had a paper taped to it “Brand New”.  I immediately grabbed it and checked eBay for recent sales to see what it recently sold for.   I also ran the amazon app to check BSR, sale price and reviews.

While it was loading I asked the owner “How much?”  He said “$15.00”.  I held onto it until my phone loaded the recent E-Bay sales, once it popped up I damn near dropped both my phone and the printer.  Holy Shit, this thing sales for over $400.00 on E-Bay and over $500.00 on Amazon.  Cha-Ching!!!!!

“I’ll take it”.  I rushed back to show my wife and brother the good news, we just started our yard sale and we already made a $400.00 instant profit….well once it sales 🙂

Here is what I found

Canon PIXMA IP6600D Digital Photo Inkjet Printer


Share any good finds you may have found recently or in the past.  Thanks for stopping by and please stay tuned for more.

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