When its Officially Time To Get a Warehouse!

Written by Dave B

My wife always asked, “when will we know its time to get a warehouse?”.  I told her after we have to walk sideways through out our entire 5 bedroom 3000 square foot house (that just my wife, brother and myself live in).  Once we fill up the house, I’ll look into getting a warehouse!

These first set of photos gives you an idea of how it use to be, when we only ordered a few pallets at a time to work through and ship out.

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That was doable…..24 pallets (a whole semi truck)…. well that’s just not doable!  We are now officially walking sideways throughout the house.  It took me 1 day to find my favorite (around the house) sandals Iv’e had for over 10 years.  My wife and brother refers to them as Jesus sandals, they are still in excellent condition, and I just never seen sandals made this way.  Also it took us a few hours to find my phone, the dog, remote control, iPad …..Its just not working!!!!

Here is the current situation!

click the first photo at the top to open gallery

So with that folks – its time for a warehouse!

Stay tuned, we will keep you posted on our journey!

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