E-Bay Small Treasures

Yes I Still hit local Garage Sales

Written by Dave B

This is how we started in the business!  I don’t think I can give this part of it up.  Started as a hobby, something fun to do and turned into a full time business.  I think its important to never forget how you got the wheels rolling and revisit those sometimes forgotten strategies that helped build your empire.

Here was a huge hit I found several months back and never posted on.  I picked up over 100 Atari games, 7 Atari Consoles (I kept one for myself), all cables, controllers and few extra accessories.  Along with a Create filled with various mint condition Comic Books, and 3 camcorders (ALL WORKING)

I listed everything on E-bay, broke each system down separately with all cables, few controllers and split the games up.  The first system alone covered my money I spent.  I walked away with a whopping 485 Profit from all games, consoles and Comic books.  Cha-CHING!!!!

What good finds have you stumbles across lately?  And for those on the East Coast, Winters almost over, and its almost time for you to get out there!  Hang in there!

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