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Written by Dave B


Hey Guys, welcome back to  – I wanted to give you guys a quick update on a hidden little gem I found about a year ago for sourcing all kinds of inventory.  Even though we are buying products directly from Amazon and Costco’s by the truckloads – we always take it back to the roots on what got us here.  We still hit up yard sales , Salvation Army’s, Good Wills, Estate Sales and local thrift shops.  But Another source we have which is right at our finger tips….. We use Facebook!!

That’s right!!  While most people are updating their status, checking in at some local fast food joint, we search it for extremely discounted but profitable products.  Next time you are on Facebook, go to the search tab and type your area code, zip code, or city and add (yard sale, garage sale, craigslist, Buy sale trade, or anything similar) after and watch what pops up.  You will see a ton of groups in your area which you can join and check to see what the locals have up for sale or trade.  Its the visible version of craigslist.  What I mean by that, unlike buying something off craigslist, and meeting up with a stranger, you can see who has what for sale, click the profile, and see if they seem a bit sketchy.  I know you cant completely determine someones personality by this, but at least it gives you an idea.

Once I seen a hot deal, one you could not refuse and I was ready to buy, after clicking the dudes profile, all I saw was guns and gang signs, Facebook updates with sayings like “Get mines by any means”, etc etc..

Well f**k that deal!!!!  He can keep it!!!


At any rate, I found this hot deal a few days ago, some kid heading off to college, he was couch surfing in San Francisco, and had a lot of what he called “Crap” he had to get rid of in a storage unit.  Well he showed the crap below and had a price tag of $75.00 OBO and I had to take it!!  One mans crap is another mans Cha-Ching! LOL

and this only cost me $50 BUCKS!!!!


So give it a shot, let us know what you stumbled across, also if you got any other channels you use to source, please share.  These Facebook groups are also a great resource for moving hard to sell products.  When I say hard to sell – maybe it weighs a ton, shipping would kill you, no profits after shipping, put it in a group.  Maybe its a lower end item you came across or have that you could bundle for more profits, put it in a group.  This can be a big asset!

Let us know what you think in the comments below, and share any sourcing channels you have!!




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