Amazon to Add Second HQ with 50K More Jobs!!

Written by Dave B

The giant among giants has announced that it is seeking a second North American HQ with up to 50,000 Jobs!!!!

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Jeff B (B for Billionaire or just Bezos) guesstimates the New HQ2 would cost about $5 Billion to build and operate (Pocket Change to Amazon of course)  They can just buy a State – which will probably happen soon.  I can see it now, “I live on 326 Bezos Drive, FBA Amazon 90222”.

The new HQ2 Will be a complete Headquarters – not a satellite office, hiring new teams and leaders and allowing current upper management the choice to relocate with the current teams in place if they decide to move.

This is BIG!!  The current HQ is located in Seattle Washington, and we are extremely curious to know where they are looking to start the HQ2!  Since most tech companies are here in Northern California, will they jump on board or take a completely different approach and build the new Empire on the East Coast!

We will keep you posted!

Hey Amazon!  I got your new motto!  “What’s competition?”

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