About Us

Hello and welcome to Seller Addiction -(making a huge profit selling your junk!) <–That’s not the Motto, but it sticks for now.

Here I’ll show you how to turn everyday junk you come across and make tons of money in the process!  Here’s my quick story.


I’m 36, about to be 37, my goal was always to be a millionaire by the age of 30, well it happened!  After 10 hard years of running multiple businesses – I finally struck gold!  But it only took 2 years to loose it all – WTF!  Well after scrapping the knee several times with the various businesses in the past, I finally figured out what I love to do, and that’s selling crap (well it started as crap but has now evolved into awesome products) and making a huge profit!

My name is Dave B, I am a Disabled Air Force Vet who now runs several businesses with my wife and youngest brother!  We call ourselves “Baker Empire!”.

The business we had in the past are as follows.

  • Janitorial Business (KiyKrews Cleaning Service)
  • Recording Studio (3GK Entertainment)
  • Computer Sales and Repair Store (One Stop Tech Shop)
  • Defense Government Contracting Business (M.A.S. Solutions & Services)

M.A.S. Solutions & Services was the business that landed us our first Million bucks.  We had a 3.5 Million Dollar Contract with Orange County board of County Commissioners office in Orlando Florida, but we didn’t have the Manpower or proper equipment in place to follow through in a timely manner.  (one of the many lessons learned, but one of the most important – ‘Don’t try to grow to damn quick! – Let it take its course!”



Business that we (My Wife, Brother and myself) currently own are as follows.

  • CKIP Empire  (this is our Amazon / Ebay / Online Resale business that this site is about.  How to start a business with virtually nothing and turn it into an empire.  We stated in Feb 2015 with $60 bucks and in by Dec 2015 (Less than a year) have over $25,000.00 a month in Sales on Amazon and $13.000 a month in sales on EBay.  And it keeps growing!  (I’m going to show you how we are doing it!).
  • SickFingers.com (WebSite / App Development Company).  My wife and I have an extensive Background in the Information Technology field.  (Network Engineer to Program/Development).  Together we call it SickFingers (fingers always bashing away at the keys 🙂  My wife pretty much maintains everything with this business now, from new clients, developments etc.
  • SoSickWithIt.com (this use to be an online Entertainment Blog that took over 8 hours a day to populate making only about 500 to 700 a month, Now its an online T-Shirt store that takes about 15 minutes a month (just to populate new tees) and now it makes more!
  • DGC (DAMGoodCooking.com) – A Cooking blog (I love to cook, yes I do the majority!) So why not make a simple website and record recipes and make money in the process?  Got to cook anyway, all I do is record the process!
  • Watch The Road (WatchTheRoadApp.com) – Our very first app which caters to the new leading cause in deaths for teens in the US.  Texting while Driving.  This App helps eliminate / controls this issue and is a must have for every family who has a teen or family member that constantly texts!
  • Couponing With Cupkake (CouponingWithCupkake.com) – off topic – (I nick named my wife Cupcake over a decade ago, so she kept it and just dropped the second ‘C’ and added a ‘K’ )  This is our Extreme Couponing and Hot Deals of the week Website.  To be honest, we don’t update it as frequently as we should, but we are still trying to figure out how to get more than 24 hours in a day 😉
  • CupKakeInPumps.com – (Wifey is really big into Fashion and Makeup) – here she shows the latest trends and pallets etc on the market and where to get it at an affordable cost.  She loves Heels so Cupkake in Pumps was the perfect fit for a Website name!

More retro clipart at http://www.clipartof.com/

Now that that’s off the table, let get into how you can make money!  Going to show you what we did when we first started, to where we are now and where we are going!

That $60.00 we started with went directly to GoodWill and Garage Sale purchases.  We took items we knew would make a profit and listed them on either Amazon or Ebay and made double back (not even selling all items we purchase) within a few weeks.  We next took the $120.00, went right back to the GW (GoodWill – this is our Nickname for it), and Weekend Garge sales and flipped that again!  Its so freaking simple and its fun!


My favorite sound of the day is that Damn “Cha-Ching” Sound from Ebay sales!  Every time a purchase is completed on E-Bay the notification sent to your Phone, I-Pad or tablet is a “Cha-Ching” Sound.  Its annoying to people around me because they have no idea what the hell it is, (They probably think its some annoying Text notification sound) – Nope, its Money in the BANK!

Let me help you get that annoying but much appreciated “Cha-Ching” sound constantly playing on your phone, I-Pad or tablet!

Check out the Blog and Lets get started!